Central to Clinical Integration is the collection, aggregation and management of big data, which provides a common platform to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate efforts around quality care for the patient populations our members serve.

The Quality Alliance has partnered with a third-party data aggregator to provide a common systems platform that includes a secure central data repository and user interface. We call this our portal. The portal enables our physicians to access a robust registry that assists in identifying care gaps in managing patients with multiple co-morbidities, gaps that can be closed to provide better care of high-risk patients at a lower cost. 

How the system works

Data Sources

Data is captured from various EMR's as well as other data sources.

Data Gets Aggregated Together

Once collected, the data is processed to exclude duplicate entries and extraneous information. From there it is prepared and loaded in preparation for analysis and reporting.

User Portal

The data is now accessible to the user portal, where charts and graphs clearly display the information.

User Reporting

The user portal allows access to various reporting and analytics, including the following.

Data analytics

Access to data provides insight into performance improvement opportunities. This enables our members to transform patient care in order to achieve better outcomes, and to identify areas of high cost and high utilization. With proper analytics, we help members focus on the right patients at the right time in order to lower costly Emergency Department visits and expensive diagnostic tests. 

Data reporting

Our robust analytics drive powerful reporting tools that drive success in delivering quality care and lowering cost through improvement efforts.