Quality Alliance

What is the Quality Alliance?

Why would physicians want to participate in the Quality Alliance?

What is the value proposition for the physicians?

How does the Quality Alliance relate to “Clinical Integration”?

What is the value statement for the Cleveland Clinic hospitals?

Can I refer to a physician who may not be part of the Quality Alliance?

What are the Quality Alliance’s clinical measures and who develops them?

How will my performance be measured and reported? Who sees my results?

Do I need an EMR?

How much will this cost?

How does Medicare define “Primary Care”?

What IT platform is required?

How will this impact the workflow in the physician’s office?


Are all practitioners billing under a TIN required to join?

Can a specialist join the Cleveland Clinic ACO?

How are we selecting practices for ACO membership?

How do I join?

If I don’t join now, when is my next opportunity?

Membership in another ACO?

What CMS Medicare Share Savings ACO program is the CC applying for?

Will ACO membership affect the way I bill for services?

Will my QA membership be affected if I decline joining the Cleveland Clinic ACO?