The Quality Alliance (QA) is committed to conducting business in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and ethical business standards. In furtherance of this commitment, the QA Board of Trustees formally adopted the Cleveland Clinic Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program (‘Compliance Program’).   The Compliance Program is a formal system that includes standards, policies and processes that are effectively designed to prevent and detect misconduct and non-compliant business practices.  
The Cleveland Clinic Code of Conduct serves as the cornerstone of our Compliance Program.  It states the ethical principles that rule our business and guides us to make the right choices.  All QA members, trustees, officers, employees, contractors and agents are required to observe the Code of Conduct, abide by our legal and regulatory compliance policies and conduct their activities in an ethical manner.  Violations or suspected violations of this Code, the law, or a policy of the QA or Cleveland Clinic should be promptly reported to the Clinical Integration Regulatory and Privacy Director at 216-906 5578.  Alternatively, you may report the concern directly to Cleveland Clinic’s Corporate Compliance Office at 216-444-1709 or via the anonymous reporting line at 1-800-826-9294. The call will not be traced. Anonymity, if requested, will be protected up to the limits of the law.
With our commitment to compliance, the QA is best able to fulfill its central mission to provide high quality, cost effective, comprehensive healthcare services.  To support these goals we continuously measure and report on quality, outcomes and satisfaction of the care delivered to members and enrollees.
For questions or more information, contact the Clinical Integration Regulatory and Privacy Director at 216-906 5578.


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Code of Conduct

Cleveland Clinic has a tradition of ethical standards in the provision of health care services as well as in the management of its business affairs. 

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